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10 Fun Facts About Teeth by Best Dental Specialist in Bangalore-Dr. Nandini Nelivigi

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Post Treatment Care After a Root Canal

Top Root Canal Treatment in Bangalore | Nelivigi Dental Clinic

Once we are done with root canal, the most important thoughts comes to our mind as how to care for your teeth as your gums and mouth heal. So lets us discuss some important tips that may help you to recover as quickly as possible and you can enjoy your good oral health.
Root Canal Understanding about the root canal and its importance will help us to understand as how to take care of your teeth after a root canal. The gums and jaw are connected to the root of the tooth. Because of infection or injury you may have abscess (pocket of infection around the root of your tooth).This may lead to tooth decay that may reach to pulp of the tooth.

Root canal is the process where the dentist clean out the infected area and do a special filling to seal the canal.
What to expect immediately after a root canal Once the Root canal is over your dentist will send you home with instructions for pain management and tips as how to care for you…

9 Common Dental Problems | Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore

Best Dental Specialist in Bangalore | Dr Nandini Nelivigi In today’s podcast, Top Dentist in Bangalore is going to talk about 9 most common dental problems and their causes. Let’s listen to this podcast carefully on

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Common Dental Emergencies

Best Dental Care Services in Bellandur | Nelivigi Dental Clinic In today’s podcast, Best Dentist In Bellandur, Dr.Nandini Nelivigi talks about all the Dental Emergencies in which a person should meet the dentist at the earliest. Dental Emergencies may include 1. Avulsed tooth 2. Severe tooth pain 3. Tooth fracture involving the pulp 4. TMJ dislocation 5. Orthodontic emergencies 6. Cellulitis due to dental infection 7. Peri-coronitis Let’s listen to this podcast carefully on the below link:

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