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Brushing of teeth – How often do I do it??

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Method of sterilization in Dental Clinic Near Me

Sterilization in Dentistry
Sterilization is the process of killing all microorganisms like bacteria, algae, fungi, and spores from the surface of any instruments.
A good or sound sterilization practice not only protects the patient but also all the staff who are in the dental team from getting infected or transferring the infection from one person to another. In the medical field, all instruments cannot be disposed off with a single-use. They need to be treated to remove all microorganisms so that they are like new instruments every time you use it on a patient. This process requires you to sterilize the instruments.
The instruments can be divided into critical, semi-critical and non-critical instruments.
Critical instruments are those which penetrate the soft tissue or bone and are most prone to transmit diseases if not sterilized. Ex. BP Knife, scissors, burs, etc.,
Semi-critical instruments are those that contact oral fluid or saliva but do not penetrate into the tissues to cause ble…

Advantages of Invisalign over Regular braces

Invisalign are clear aligners used for orthodontic treatment. The aligners are a series of invisible, removable orthodontic appliances that fit over your teeth. Your teeth are 3D scanned and the appliance is custom made on your teeth to guarantee a perfect fit. In order to get the smile you always wanted, simply wear the aligner every day for at least 21 hours. They are only taken off to eat, drink, brush and floss. Advantages:InvisalignBracesRemovable applianceFixed applianceHigh aesthetic appealMetallic display on smileOral hygiene maintenance is much easier and simplerOral hygiene maintenance more difficultCan continue to eat what you are eating and how you are eating today with the aligners tomorrowHave to modify what and how you eatPractically inconspicuous hence good for elderly patientsElderly patients may not be very happy having metal display on smileGreat for people exposed to media and cameraNot idealNo of visits to the orthodontist is much lowerHave to see the orthodontist…

Mouth Ulcers (canker sores)

Mouth Ulcer Treatment in Bellandur | Bangalore

Mouth Ulcer Treatment in Bellandur | Bangalore

An ulcer is a breach in the continuity of skin or mucous membrane deeper than the erosion. Ulcers are quite commonly noted in the oral cavity probably because the mucous membrane is a thinner lining than skin. They get easily affected by mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical and radiation insults.
Common ulcers in the mouth are:Traumatic ulcersAphthous stomatitisInfectionsDrug-inducedAllergyMalignancies
Common Ulcers | Mouth Ulcer Treatment in Bellandur | Bangalore
Traumatic ulcers:Mechanical cause: Patients have to be watchful of any sharp part of the tooth present in their mouth leading to repeated damage to the tongue and mucous membrane leading to ulcers. Eating hard food should be done with caution.
Thermal causes: Placing hot food and beverages in the mouth can cause damage to the oral cavity leading to the formation of ulcers.
Chemical causes: Chemicals like Eugenol, Hydrogen peroxide…

Hair line fractures of the tooth

Hairline fractures | Best Dental Clinics in Bellandur

Hairline fractures of the tooth or cracked tooth are one of the main reasons for a person to seek dental treatment.
Causes of Hairline fracture of the tooth | Best Dental Clinics in Bellandur
Teeth with large fillingsHigh pressure from the opposing toothAccidents or blow to the teethAbrupt changes in temperatureChewing on hard food like ice, candy, nuts, etc.,AgeCracks can appear as:
Cracks | Best Dental Clinics in Bellandur
Craze lines. These are small cracks that are seen in the enamel (the strong outer covering) of teeth. These kinds of lines make be of esthetic concern but usually do not cause pain and hence do not need to be treated.Fractured cusp. Sometimes on the application of heavy occlusal forces for biting something hard the cusp of a tooth may fracture. Large dental fillings make the remaining part of the tooth vulnerable to such fractures. It usually doesn’t affect the pulp of the tooth (the layer of the tooth wh…

Tooth Whitening / Dental Bleaching

Dental Bleaching | Tooth Whitening Treatment in Bellandur, Bangalore

Tooth whitening is the process of lightening the shade of teeth. The whitening process may involve changing the intrinsic color of the tooth or removing the external stains on the teeth.
What are bleaching agents and how do they work? Basically, bleaching agents are either carbamide peroxide (10 to 44% concentration) or hydrogen peroxide (3 to 16% concentration). When Hydrogen peroxide reaches the tooth surface it penetrates inside where it acts as an oxidizing agent and breaks down into unstable free radicals. These free radicals bind to Organic pigmented molecules thereby converting them into small less pigmented components.  By reflecting less light they lighten the tooth color. However, this change is temporary and the tooth starts to regain its original color in a few months to years depending on the patients eating habits.

Tooth staining can be intrinsic or extrinsic:
Intrinsic factors: Tooth Intrinsic Factors | T…

Brushing and Flossing Techniques

Before You Begin  Use a soft bristle brush and apply about a centimeter long of fluoridated toothpaste on the               bristles of the brush.  Positioning the Toothbrush Step 1: Hold the brush at about 450 angle to the tooth surface facing the gums. Step 2: Do a back and forth movement equal to the width of the tooth and then slide the brush            towards the other jaw Step 3: Do the same repeatedly on every tooth both on the outer and inner surface of the tooth Step 4: Brush the chewing surface of the tooth with a back and forth movement Two Minutes, Twice a Day Brushing all your teeth in this manner thoroughly should take about 2 mints. Please make sure            you brush your teeth twice a day without fail. Brushing should be on your mind as the first thing        when you get up in the morning and before you retire to bed every day.

Hygiene of Tooth Brush
Keep a separate toothbrush for yourself and do not use anybody else’s toothbrush as there may be bacterial contamination.R…