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Signs of Gum Disease

How to Identify Symptoms & Prevent? Gum disease is not only uncomfortable and worrisome — it will cause serious problems if left untreated. Here’s a way to identify the symptoms of gum disease,how to prevent, and what happens if it’s left to advance on its own. Gum Disease Symptoms There are quite a few completely different symptoms of gum disease. Keep in mind that you don’t have to suffer from all of those symptoms — you'll have just some and be affected. • Bad breath that doesn’t go away • Red gums • Swollen gums • Tender Gums • Bleeding gums • Painful chewing • Loose teeth • Sensitive teeth • Receding Gums • Teeth that appear longer Gum Disease Complications Untreated gum disease, also called as gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), will result in a condition periodontitis. Periodontitis suggests that inflammation around the tooth, as well as the gums and therefore the bone structure that cradles the tooth itself. Periodontitis causes th