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Insight into Number of Teeth

Humans get 2 sets of teeth in their lifespan.  The first set of teeth is called milk teeth/deciduous teeth/primary teeth/baby teeth. They are 20 in number, 10 in each arch. They start their development in the embryonic stage and erupt during infancy. The timing of eruption of teeth may vary from child to child. But by the time the child is 2 and half years of age he/she would have all primary teeth (20 in number) in their mouth.  These teeth are spaced (making more space for bigger permanent teeth), more white in color (higher enamel content) and are small in size (to fit a small jaw). The child will be able to eat all solid food now. Maintaining a good oral hygiene is very important as there are permanent teeth underneath undergoing development. The next set of teeth to erupt in the oral cavity is called permanent teeth. The permanent tooth that erupts first is the first permanent molar at the age of around 6 years. We totally have 32 permanent teeth. T