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Method of sterilization in Dental Clinic Near Me

  Sterilization in Dentistry Sterilization is the process of killing all microorganisms like bacteria, algae, fungi, and spores from the surface of any instruments. A good or sound sterilization practice not only protects the patient but also all the staff who are in the dental team from getting infected or transferring the infection from one person to another. In the medical field, all instruments cannot be disposed off with a single-use. They need to be treated to remove all microorganisms so that they are like new instruments every time you use it on a patient. This process requires you to sterilize the instruments. The instruments can be divided into critical, semi-critical and non-critical instruments. Critical instruments are those which penetrate the soft tissue or bone and are most prone to transmit diseases if not sterilized. Ex. BP Knife, scissors, burs, etc., Semi-critical instruments are those that contact oral fluid or saliva but do not penetrate into the ti