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What happens if you don’t replace a missing tooth? and how to replace it?

All dentists try their best to save a tooth up to their last best opportunity. However, there might come a situation when the tooth has to be removed. The causes for extraction could be varied from 1.     Grossly destructed tooth due to dental caries 2.     Periodontally compromised tooth (mobility) 3.     Fractured tooth etc., Once a tooth is pulled out comes the question, what happens if you do not replace the missing tooth and how to replace it. The teeth are stable in a position only when they are in contact. If there is no adjacent or opposing tooth the teeth migrate until they make a contact. Hence not replacing a missing tooth jeopardizes the health of 2 adjacent and at least 1 opposing tooth. In order to maintain the health of the teeth, gum, alveolar bone and generally oral health we have to replace a missing tooth. What are the way of replacing a missing tooth? There are basically 3 ways of replacing a missing tooth. 1.     Removable partial denture 2.

STRAIGHT TEETH – Not Only For a Great Smile But Medical Benefits Too

When you have crowded teeth / spaced teeth / proclined teeth it not only causes an embarrassment to smile but has health implications too. Health benefits of straight teeth: 1.     Chewing of Food When the teeth are not aligned well, chewing of food becomes difficult. It may need more time to grind hard food. Chewing food well allows saliva to mix well with the food and the initial process of digestion with different enzymes begins in the mouth itself. If you do not spend enough time in grinding food and swallow food quickly it may lead to indigestion, and improper absorption of nutrients. Prolonged chewing in not a very comfortable and stable occlusion can cause pain in the temporal mandibular joint and excessive wear of certain teeth. If the teeth are aligned straight it leads to the healthier working of the oral cavity. 2.     Oral Hygiene:  Brushing teeth which are not well aligned is a difficult task. When you are not brushing your teeth properly it

Achieve Your Best Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

SMILE is a curved line that can set everything straight. One of the most attractive features on somebody’s face is, without doubt, their SMILE. Hence one needs to be very careful in maintaining a good and confident smile all through their life. Dental problems that can ruin your smile: Dental caries / cavity on your front teeth Broken/fractures front tooth Discolored front tooth Malaligned front teeth Gap between the upper two front teeth There could be two specialists who could cater to these problems? Cosmetic dentist and an Orthodontist. 1     Composite or Tooth colored fillings: When caries initially begins it shows as a brownish-black discoloration on the tooth. If your front teeth have caries, then can be excavated and a tooth colored filling done. The filling done on the front teeth differ from those of back teeth for the reason of aesthetics . The filling has to match the natural tooth so that there is no demarcation between the two. 2      Lami