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Achieve Your Best Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

SMILE is a curved line that can set everything straight. One of the most attractive features on somebody’s face is, without doubt, their SMILE.
Hence one needs to be very careful in maintaining a good and confident smile all through their life.

Dental problems that can ruin your smile:

  • Dental caries/cavity on your front teeth
  • Broken/fractures front tooth
  • Discolored front tooth
  • Malaligned front teeth
  • Gap between the upper two front teeth
There could be two specialists who could cater to these problems? Cosmetic dentist and an Orthodontist.

1   Composite or Tooth colored fillings:

When caries initially begins it shows as a brownish-black discoloration on the tooth. If your front teeth have caries, then can be excavated and a tooth colored filling done. The filling done on the front teeth differ from those of back teeth for the reason of aesthetics. The filling has to match the natural tooth so that there is no demarcation between the two.

2    Laminates and Veneers:

If the tooth has fractured, discolored or has a gap between the front teeth which cannot be fixed with a filling the next option is a laminate or veneer. Here the labial or front surface of the tooth is prepared to receive a coating or a thin sheet of laminate which is cemented on to the tooth surface. It looks very natural and is more resistant to dislodgment since the front surface of the tooth is prepared.

3  Crowns: 

If the destruction of the tooth is more when a laminate cannot be given, The next option available is a crown. While making a crown the tooth is reduced from all sides to a miniature size. The crown that replaces it will be the same size as that of your natural tooth. E Max or Zirconia crowns can be made which have a very close match to the natural tooth in color, hue, transparency and contrast. 

4  Orthodontic tooth movement: 

If the aligned of teeth is way out of any of the above mentioned three techniques, you will need to get your teeth corrected with orthodontics. We have various options of braces like metal, ceramic, self-ligating braces and lingual braces and clear aligners for people who do not want to show that they are getting their teeth aligned.
All the above mentioned problems can be corrected with one of these techniques to give you that smile to longed to have.


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