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Diabetes and Dental Health

Diabetes is a condition when your blood sugar level is high. The normal fasting blood sugar level is less than 100 mg/dL and less than 140 mg/dL 2 hours after eating food. Pancreas in our body produces a hormone called Insulin which helps the cells in the body to absorb the glucose or sugar in the blood for energy. Diabetes develops either when your body does not produce enough insulin or when your cells become resistant to the insulin produced by your body. There are basically 3 types of diabetes 1.       Type 1 diabetes: When the production of Insulin by our body is insufficient. These patients have to take insulin injections. 2.       Type 2 diabetes: When the body produces insulin but the cells develop resistance and do not absorb the blood sugar available. This is the most common type of diabetes. 3.       Gestational diabetes: Develops during pregnancy, usually goes away after delivery but sometimes may manifest itself as type 2 diabetes after pregnancy.

Brushing of teeth – How often do I do it??

People believe in brushing teeth at different times of the day and a different number of times in a day. Hence one may be confused as to how many times and when to brush your teeth. It is generally recommended to brush your teeth twice a day, before breakfast and after dinner. Developing this habit as a routine helps you not forget to brush your teeth every day. It is advised to wake up in the morning swish your mouth nicely with water then brush your teeth for approximately 2 minutes. 1.      It is generally not recommended to brush soon after eating. If your meal contains acidic foodstuff like citric fruit or juices then there might be every chance that you might land up causing erosion of your teeth. If you are very particular to brush your teeth after breakfast, then wait for 30-45 mins before you brush. 2.      Brushing too many times a day after every meal is also not recommended since it may cause erosion of your tooth material and damage your gums. It is re