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Do your teeth feel sensitive to hot cold or sweet food???

Why does someone develop sensitivity?? There could be two reasons for sensitivity to develop 1. The outer most covering of the tooth is called Enamel. Enamel is the hardest part of the human body, harder than bone. It is impervious to oral fluids. But when enamel wears off it exposes dentin (erosion) which has tubules in it and conducts the temperature in the mouth on to the nerves in the pulp. This cases sensitivity. 2. Sometimes root surface may be exposed in people (due to various reasons like faulty brushing, drinking soda etc.,) and the root is covered by cementum not enamel and may be the reason for sensitivity. Causes for erosion: 1.Faulty brushing habits 2.Night grinding 3.Acidic diet 4.Soda 5.Gastric acidity with lot of belching 6.Excessive tooth whitening procedures 7.Bulimia etc., Treatment: 1.The dentist has to identify if there is a cavity If yes : it needs to be filled 2.If No: then your dentist may recommend some desensitizing tooth pa