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Gummy Smile

Dental Treatment in Bellandur, Bangalore A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. A good set of teeth gives a confident smile. A smile looks most attractive if the complete length of the  teeth   is seen with 1–2mm of gum display. But when an excessive amount of gum is displayed on talking or smiling it may look unaesthetic. This excessive gingival display on smiling is called a Gummy Smile. Causes: 1. Short upper lip 2. Vertical maxillary excess 3. Hyperfunction of Upper lip musculature 4. Small teeth Treatment: Treatment of Gummy Smile depends on the cause for the same. 1. Cosmetic surgery: Some people have an upturned nose or a short upper lip exposing a lot of  gums   on smiling. In these patients, a surgical technique called “lip lengthening procedure” can be undertaken. It is a safe and minor surgical procedure. However, the results may not be long-lasting and there are high chances of relapse. That’s the reason why it is not a commonly accepted proce

Milk Teeth – How important are they?

Best Dental Care Clinic In Bangalore When there is some dental issue in a milk tooth and it needs to be treated, the first question that the parent asks a  dentist   is “aren’t these milk teeth? Aren’t they supposed to fall off? Why do we need to treat them?” Well God has given us two sets of teeth, in case you don’t take care of the first set you will have trouble with the next one too. The answer is simple; you need to know a few facts about milk teeth to know how important they are. Milk teeth are important for physical, emotional and social development of the child. The milk teeth hold place for the permanent teeth to erupt into the oral cavity. If not, the permanent  teeth   can erupt out of place and may lead to severe crowding or spacing or malalignment of teeth. The eruption of milk teeth and their health will inturn indicate how well food can be chewed by the child. If his teeth are bad then food is swallowed without chewing and may lead to indigestion. Essenti