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Hair line fractures of the tooth

Hairline fractures | Best Dental Clinics in Bellandur Hairline fractures of the tooth or cracked tooth are one of the main reasons for a person to seek dental treatment . Causes: Causes of Hairline fracture of the tooth | Best Dental Clinics in Bellandur Teeth with large fillings High pressure from the opposing tooth Accidents or blow to the teeth Abrupt changes in temperature Chewing on hard food like ice, candy, nuts, etc., Age Cracks can appear as: Cracks | Best Dental Clinics in Bellandur Craze lines.  These are small cracks that are seen in the enamel (the strong outer covering) of teeth. These kinds of lines make be of esthetic concern but usually do not cause pain and hence do not need to be treated. Fractured cusp.  Sometimes on the application of heavy occlusal forces for biting something hard the cusp of a tooth may fracture. Large dental fillings make the remaining part of the tooth vulnerable to such fractures. It usually doesn’t affect the pulp of

Tooth Whitening / Dental Bleaching

Dental Bleaching | Tooth Whitening Treatment in Bellandur, Bangalore Tooth whitening is the process of lightening the shade of teeth. The whitening process may involve changing the intrinsic color of the tooth or removing the external stains on the teeth. What are bleaching agents and how do they work? Basically, bleaching agents are either carbamide peroxide (10 to 44% concentration) or hydrogen peroxide (3 to 16% concentration). When Hydrogen peroxide reaches the tooth surface it penetrates inside where it acts as an oxidizing agent and breaks down into unstable free radicals. These free radicals bind to Organic pigmented molecules thereby converting them into small less pigmented components.  By reflecting less light they lighten the tooth color. However, this change is temporary and the tooth starts to regain its original color in a few months to years depending on the patients eating habits. Tooth staining can be intrinsic or extrinsic: Intrinsic factors: Tooth Intr