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STRAIGHT TEETH – Not Only For a Great Smile But Medical Benefits Too

When you have crowded teeth / spaced teeth / proclined teeth it not only causes an embarrassment to smile but has health implications too.

Health benefits of straight teeth:

1.    Chewing of Food

When the teeth are not aligned well, chewing of food becomes difficult. It may need more time to grind hard food. Chewing food well allows saliva to mix well with the food and the initial process of digestion with different enzymes begins in the mouth itself. If you do not spend enough time in grinding food and swallow food quickly it may lead to indigestion, and improper absorption of nutrients. Prolonged chewing in not a very comfortable and stable occlusion can cause pain in the temporal mandibular joint and excessive wear of certain teeth. If the teeth are aligned straight it leads to the healthier working of the oral cavity.

2.    Oral Hygiene: 

Brushing teeth which are not well aligned is a difficult task. When you are not brushing your teeth properly it leads to the formation of tartar deposits. These deposits are porous in nature and they irritate the gums. The gums and the alveolar bone, in turn, start moving away from the deposits exposing the root. The patient may, later on, develop sensitivity in these teeth. Hence in order to maintain good oral hygiene, teeth being aligned well is a major requirement.

3.    Pain in Tempero-mandibular joint:

When the teeth are not in good occlusion (when upper and lower teeth do not contact each other well) a person has to shift his jaw to get a good occlusion. Repeated efforts to shift the jaw can cause some problems with the TM joint and pain in this area.

4.    Excessive wear of tooth enamel: 

When there is an abnormal contact of teeth during occlusion, the teeth that touch more often than others tend to wear out. This causes sensitivity issues in that particular tooth. Again the only remedy for this is the orthodontic treatment where the teeth are all aligned well so that there are no prematurities.

Above all these, orthodontic alignment of teeth makes your teeth look great, increases your confidence levels. If you have to close your mouth when you give a smile it is high time that you consult an orthodontist and get them to straighten

Remember “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight”.


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