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What is Invisalign?


What is Invisalign?

Generally orthodontic treatment involves placement of some kind of brackets may be metal or ceramic on the surface of the tooth to bring about tooth movement. But Invisalign is orthodontic tooth movement without brackets with the use of clear aligners which are removable.


 Procedure for Invisalign | Best dental clinic in bangalore
1.You need to consult an Orthodontist trained and certified by invisalign to provide you with these aligners
2.The specialist will take a few pictures and radiographs
3.Your teeth will be scanned and an immediate result of alignment will be shown to you (about 60-70% of the corrections possible to be achieved will be depicted)
4.The scans will be uploaded and the treatment plan determined in a clincheck and will be shown to the patient for approval
5.The aligners will reach us by 2-3 weeks
6.You will then get started with INVISALIGN for a healthier, brighter and lovely smile 

 Advantages of Invisalign | Best Invisalign Treatment in Bangalore
  • More comfortable journey through correction 
  • No restrictions of how and what you eat 
  • Absolutely esthetic and cosmetic way of getting treated 
  • No display of any metal on teeth
  • Virtually invisible treatment 
  • Reduced no of appointments with the orthodontist
  • No discontinuity of treatment if you are travelling
  • Predictable treatment time
  • Better oral hygiene maintenance since the appliance is taken off as you brush your teeth 
As the appliance is not seen, patients have more confidence to smile as the treatment progresses. Invisalign has transformed over 5 million smiles worldwide.
 Consult an orthodontic |Best Invisalign Treatment in Bellandur
If you have not got orthodontic treatment done as a teenager and you feel getting your teeth corrected is going to improve your life style you should choose invisalign. It boosts your morale and gives you the confidence to live life to the fullest. 

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